Nearly 1 in 5 adults in Georgia battle mental illness each year

SMYRNA, Georgia – Ridgeview Institute is modernizing the standard of care for behavioral health treatment for Georgians in need of mental health and addiction services, thanks to a new partnership with GeneSight®.

The GeneSight® test, offered through Myriad Genetics, Inc. (NASDAQ: MYGN), helps clinicians understand how a particular individual may respond to certain medications by analyzing how a person’s genes impact how they may break down or respond to medications commonly prescribed to treat depression, anxiety and other psychiatric conditions.

“Making GeneSight® available for patients seeking mental health and addiction treatment is a game-changer in behavioral therapy,” said Amy Alexander, CEO, Ridgeview Institute. “Every patient’s mental health journey is different, which means their treatment plan needs to be, too. Knowing which medication a patient may respond to before they start treatment can help create a customized treatment plan that can increase response, reduce trial and error and minimize side-effects.”

According to the latest federal data, nearly one in five adults in Georgia battle mental illness in any given year, with nearly half a million having at least one major depressive episode. According to one study, fewer than 50% of patients with depression respond to their first prescribed medication, and with each failed medication plan, their response to the treatment may decrease.[1] The process of finding the right medications that work is often frustrating, time-consuming and debilitating.

Ridgeview Institute is the only program of its kind in Georgia that has committed to offering the GeneSight® test to every patient participating in outpatient services. Ridgeview Institute believes that everyone deserves to know that GeneSight® is an option and an additional tool that may help them in their mental health journey.

More than 1.5 million patients have used GeneSight® to shed light on which medications may be better suited to their treatment and answer questions around why previous medications may not have worked.

The value of GeneSight® is already being seen at Ridgeview Institute, contributing to a positive increase in patient outcomes. One patient saw results only one week after genetic testing. The patient was having sleep issues and not spending time with family. She was so tired that she slept for 12 hours every night and woke up fatigued, affecting her relationship with her kids and spouse. After using GeneSight®, the clinic adjusted medication and reported seeing a noticeable improvement. The patient now stays up later, enjoys time with her family, and does not feel as fatigued. There is also a noticeable change in her appearance, and the patient is more energetic and upbeat. 

“Science is used in all other areas of health to guide treatment, including x-rays, MRIs and blood work. It’s a natural fit for genetic testing to be used in helping to customize behavioral therapy treatment,” said Alexander. “We’re excited by the potential this will have in helping even more Georgians get the help they need.”

Ridgeview Institute has been Georgia’s first choice in mental health and addiction treatment since 1976. Offering a comprehensive array of programs for youth, young adults, adults, and senior adults, the treatment facility also provides specialized programs for women and licensed professionals who need behavioral health and/or addiction intervention. It also offers the Recovery Residence, apartment-style living for those that are participating in PHP programs, which eliminates distance and transportation obstacles in a person’s recovery.

Ridgeview Institute offers free assessments and individuals can be admitted directly into the program or referred after an acute inpatient hospitalization. For more information, please call 844-350-8800, 24 hours a day.

About Ridgeview Institute at Smyrna 
Since 1976, the mission of Ridgeview Institute has been to provide outstanding care, compassionate people, and unparalleled service, offering a full continuum of inpatient and outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment to patients in Georgia. Since its founding, Ridgeview Institute at Smyrna has supported over 90,000 patients from Georgia and surrounding areas in mental health and substance use recovery. The suburban Atlanta campus offers patients a safe and serene environment and provides specialized, evidence-based behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment.

Amy Alexander, CEO
Ridgeview Institute – Smyrna

[1] 1 Rush AJ, et al. 2006 Am J Psychiatry