With the rapid advances and shifting financial landscape in health care, patients are best served by a nimble, flexible management team that can rapidly respond to changes and provide constant improvements in care.

At US HealthVest, we use proven techniques to find the strengths of behavioral health care hospitals that we acquire or manage and build on them to enhance the patient experience and better meet community needs.

Our Promise:


Individualized Care

We provide specialty programs designed around specific community needs. These are offered in a comfortable setting with an attention to the details that make a difference to patients.

Coordinated Care

We take a team approach. Doctors, nurses and therapists work together to develop a treatment plan for each patient.

Continuing Care

Even before a patient leaves one of our hospitals, we set up a transition plan and communicate with community providers to ensure that patients continue to receive excellent care.

Specialized Care

Patients who come to US HealthVest hospitals benefit from care based on an understanding of their unique perspectives through programs focused on specific populations. The types of programs offered at our hospitals varies depending on the community’s needs. All of our programs are divided by gender in order to provide better services.

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